Q & As

Q: Is it really dust free?

A: Yes it is! Our unique system is able to capture 99% of the silica dust before it becomes airborne, after our process there’s no need for clean ups.


Q: Is there a need to cover cabinets and furniture since its dust free?

A: We care for your belongings so we cover cabinets and furniture to protect from flying debris, and its all included in your bill.


Q: We have a small area that needed to be demo, do you do small jobs?

A:There are no small jobs for us, but we do have a minimum fee.


Q: Our A/C technician asked to cover all vents from the A/C, do you do that?

A:With the DUSTLESS system there is no need to cover vents. Vents are to be covered when removing tile the regular way, but even covered it can still harm your A/C.


Q: What do you mean by being “OSHA compliment”?

A: Starting Sept. 23rd 2017 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will start to enforce and measure dust emissions, it will require handheld hammer drills to have an air flow collector and have a HEPA filter with 99% or greater efficiency and a filter cleaning mechanism.


Q: Do you remove glue down wood?

A: Unfortunately that’s the only service we don’t provide at this moment.


Q: Do you do plumbing work, like as removing toilets, dishwasher and jet stream tubs?

A: A plumber is highly recommended for those types of services .


Q: Do you move furniture?

A: We help our customers to move heavy furniture to a close proximity, but for large quantities of furniture we highly recommend a moving company.