About Us

How we do it?

Dust free is possible!!

Our process removes the painful part of remodeling that creates dust and dirt all over your home and streamlines flooring removal process.

We use only the best High Efficiency, HEPA filtered vacuums made especially for this kind of work.

We begin the process by removing the tile with our high-end equipment. Once the tile is removed we use the professional scarifiers in order to grind the floors for a smooth finish. Our teams of professionals are highly trained in utilizing the shot blast equipment in order to best prepare the flooring for the final phase, installing of the new product.

Because we own all of the equipment used for floor preparation, you can be sure that our highly experienced workers gets the job right the first time. As you now have learned, Florida Dust Free services is an environmentally responsible company. We ensure the best and safest way to remove and dispose of the flooring with recycling when possible and using equipment that contributes to the safety of the environment without compromising quality.

We know the risk you and your family can take when other contractor starts to remove floor tiles utilize wrong tools, the dust go to AC vents, inside walls, furnitures, wall textures,who suffer from severe allergies will get A LOT of problems.