99% Less Dust than typical ceramic
removal procedure - eliminating
dangerous residual from
contaminating your home and your air.

Cleanest & Fast


There is a great health risk when tile is removed by contractors with the wrong tools. Silica-based dust, released when ceramic tile is broken to pieces in the usual removal process easily adheres to everything inside a home – ceilings, air ducts, carpets and furniture. This cement dust is so fine that gets through baseboards, wall textures and specially into A/C and heating ducts, where it distributes to the rest of the home. Plastic sheeting is not enough to contain this dust. Months after remodeling, dust will still be found in pictures, drawers and other personal items.

Don’t let this harmful dust stop you from remodeling you home.

Our unique process and industrial grade tools were designed to capture 99% of the cement & tile dust created with the current removal process. Our HEPA filturs capture so much there’s basically NO CLEANUP required when we are finished!

Protecting your health

Remodeling residue can linger on A/C for years and make your family and pets sick. We want to prevent that from happening.

Environmentally Friendly Process

We are conscious of the environment in every step of the process, and in every chemical used and with our garbage removal.

Why Choose Us

From the removal to install you can rest at ease that we take care of all the details.

Over a Decade of Experience in SW Florida

Our history in SWFL precedes us, and our varied experience makes us a well rounded flooring option for all your needs.

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